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 Post subject: Open Road Racing
PostPosted: Tue Jan 02, 2007 8:41 pm 
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Dundee 2 day stage race - 20/21-05-2006
Results from the 3rd/4th cat 2 day stage race in Dundee that our very own Kenny Raeside was participating in.

http://www.braveheartfund.com/chatroom/ ... IC_ID=1316

Kenny, what a result, 7th on the 1st road stage and 4th on the 2nd road stage, with an 8th overall, these are superb results, WELL DONE.

Kenny, what happened in the prologue that caused you to have an 8th overall after having a 4th and a 7th in the road stages ?

PS I take it you picked up more prize money or is that a stupid question these days.

Cheers John

21 May 2006

Cheers John.
The prologue was 1 lap round base of Law hill in Dundee then a climb to the top, not sure where I lost the 19 secs as I thought I'd given everything.
My gears slipped twice on the climb but this would only have cost maybe 3 or 4 secs, maybe I just didn't push hard enough or more probably , the other guys were just too quick Sad

First road stage was pretty uneventful , no climbs so bunch stayed together until shortish climb to finish, I was boxed in with about 200 to go but managed to sneak thro' a gap and nick 7th.

Had been warned about the 2nd road stage with climbs up Tullybackle and the Knapp, these got the breathing going and raised the HR a wee bit Shocked
Ride of the weekend was by Raymond Reidy - was off the front virtually from the off and stayed away to take the win - super effort.
There were a couple of pretty fast descents with 90 bends which required full concentration, 40 - 45 mph with guys a couple of feet either side tightens the sphincter, had to be on it though as a break went off first time down the fastest one.
I think the bunch was about 20 or so strong when we got to the final climb up the Knapp, 5 or so guys broke away with 800 or so to go, I jumped on their tail and got to 3rd with 150 to go but Tim Allen came by and I'd no answer, legs were gubbed, was v pleased to take 4th and jump up to 8th overall.
Was a good weekend , host club did an excellent job with signage and marshalling.

Oh, yes, got a wee envelope for my troubles

David Campbell Road Race, 7th May InverkipVelo
Well done to Robert McCready, getting into top 20 in a Div 1 road race.

Pos'n Name Club Cat Time
1 Jason MacIntyre Velo Ecosse E 3hr:24m:28s
2 John McCarthy Thebicycleworks.com 2 st
3 Philip Brown Deeside Thistle E @3'45s
4 Ray Wilson Dunfermline CC 2 @5'31
5 James McCallum Thebicycleworks.com E @6'10
6 Peter Murdoch East Kilbride RC 3 st
7 Neil Cameron Falkirk BC 1 st
8 Alister Watt C21 Multisport RT E st
9 Stuart McGregor C21 Multisport RT E st
10 Stephen Cassels Cyclesport Dundee 3 st
11 Gordon Murdoch Glenmarnock/Drummond Datasafe 1 @6'25
12 Gary Robson Velo Ecosse 2 @8'47
13 Kevin McCool C21 Multisport RT 2 @10'42
14 Graham McGarrity C21 Multisport RT E st
15 Bryan Russell C21 Multisport RT 1 @10'47
16 Lewis Oliphant Velo Ecosse 2 @12'56
17 Tom Fernie Unattached 2 st
18 Steven Dunn Falkirk BC 2 @13'07
19 Robert McCready Inverclyde Velo 3 @ + 1 lap
20 Michael Mallen GS Metro 2 @ + 1 lap
21 Derek Smith City of Edinburgh RC 2 @ + 1 lap
22 Paul Coats Glasgow Couriers/Bennett Developments 2 @ + 1 lap
23 Phil Allen C21 Multisport RT 2 @ + 1 lap

Hi John
A rather eventful race see below for my race report

Sundays David Campbell memorial road race in Kennoway Fife gave me my first road race outing in three years and my first open race of the year. I was a bit apprehensive about the pace of the race , I struggled a bit for the first few miles as is my usual but then things settled down.

The course was four large loops of around 20 miles and then into a smaller loop for just under 3 laps of a 5 mile circuit, the larger loops consisting of one big climbs up over the ‘cadger’ as its called and lots of lumpy bit in between.
As we hit the hill for the first time the group strung out a bit but most of it managed to stay together over the top, as is the usual with the Div1 races a small group broke away containing the eventual winner, Jason MacIntyre. As we descended down off the hill we came to a sharp LH turn and unfortunately one of the riders failed to negotiate the turn and went straight over a fence and into a field.
Further down the road there was another spill, part of the road at the side had been dug up in preparation for laying a new layer of tar but as some riders hit this they came down in front of me, around 6 of them, so a quick decision was made come down on the road or aim for the grass verge. The verge won so an AOT and a few scrapes was all I got but a few of the guys did not get off so well. As I got up to get on with the race people were weaving through the crash to get going again, my chain had come of so as I messed about with it the group were off down the road. By the time I got going they were about ¼ mile down the road, tried as hard as I could to close the gap but no way against a group of around 10 riders and into a head wind.
S**t decided to just batter on with it on my own for a few laps and then head for the strip as I hit the finishing loop. After another 1 ½ laps a group of around 7 riders came up from behind so I started to work with them keeping a good pace around the big loop ,as we hit the hill for the 3rd time this group thinned out again so there were now 4 of us and still 40 miles to go. Heading back towards the start on the final loop one of our group had had enough and headed of the strip so now there was 3. We were working well together taking strong turns at the front keeping a good tempo even into the wind. As we hit the top of the hill for the last time we were now down to 2 , just as we started the smaller loop the 3 breakaway riders came on to the loop for their second lap so we jumped on there wheels and had a fast tow around for the next two laps with a police escort, as we passed through the finish line to start their final lap the lead car advised that this was my last lap as well so hung on to the tail end of this lead group to cross the line 4th well actually 19th overall since I had been lapped on the final circuit


VC Astar 58m Road Race Commuter

Did this RR today, was on a new circuit taking in the A77 and some back roads , very good surfaces,, large sections of the roads had recently been resurfaced.
62 starters which was quite a large bunch , was 3 laps + a few miles finishing at the top of a hill on the Eaglesham moor road.
Within the first 3 miles there was a pretty nasty looking crash just in front of me , two guys went down as the bunch sprinted after a break, one guy went over the handlebars as his front wheel tucked when he was trying to avoid the riders and bikes strewn across our path, not a pretty sight. This really spooked me for the next lap or so but as the bunch thinned down I was more at ease.
A break of 5 or so had gone off the front in the first lap but about 10 or so of us got ourselves organised and managed to bring it back. No sooner were we all together but another break went off with three guys in it, they gained some time on us prety quickly - hats off to them , they were obviously working hard and were prepapred to do so for the rest of the race. They stayed away which left the pickings to be divvied up amongst our pack of what looked like a couple of dozen or so.

The usual breaks went off the front with 5 or so miles to go , tried it myself but realised I was not strong enough to make it stick on my own. The pace really picked up as the finish line appeared, we were about 5 abreast with 200 yards to go when I made a jump for the flag, immediately put 5 - 10 yds gap in and held it to the flag but it was the wrong flag Embarassed , it was the 200 yds to go flag Crying or Very sad , I turned round to see the pack closing fast, dug really deep to hold them off bar one rider who got me at the line.
Managed to get 5th which I was well chuffed about, set off hoping to hang in and if I could then a top 20 was the target.
Roll on Dundee - 2 day stage race.

1 ian quinn - ivy
2 peter murdoch - ekrc - taking lessons from his bro (allegedly) Wink
3 stephen cassels - dundee cyclesport
4 chris thomson - vc astar @1:20
5 kenny raeside - inverclyde

Girvan Support RR 15th April Commuter

Was kinda nervous about this race given my showing in the Moscow APR Crying or Very sad
Looked like quite a big group on the start line , highest # I saw was 61, not sure if that was the actual # of people taking part though , probably a few no shows.
Went through the usual neutralised zone, this seemed like miles ! Eventually got under way at a reasonable pace , a lot of jostling for position, couple of close calls in the first lap as riders moved / braked too sharpish , decided to give myself more room after one close call , it was 3 laps + a few miles, 32 miles total - only one climb in it of any note, it was recommended that a gear of 53 * 23 was required but is was OK in a 19 or thereabouts.
Not sure when the break went but think it was on the first climb, before I knew it there was a group of 8 riders in up the road, the group I settled in was about 8 or 10 strong which also included Paul.
Some of the roads were shocking , a lot of gravel on the corners , rutted potholed surfaces , ideal for punctures . Paul punctured on the 2nd lap which I'm sure cost him the win from our chasing group.
The lead group had about 2 mins on us but there was no real constructed effort to pull it back, think were all thinking the same thing in that we were keeping a bit in reserve for the final few miles.
With about a mile to go a rider broke off the front of our group, he got about 200 yds before two of us went after him with everyone else on out tail, we weren't going to get him before the line so we eased back waiting on someone jumping, with about 200yds out I jumped and got win from our bunch, think that got me 10th, 8 in the front group and the guy who jumped away. Pleased with how it went.
Think the rest of the race was well scattered.
Paul won a prize for a climb at some point - should be enough dosh for a new inner tube !

Moscow APR 11th March Commuter

Entered this APR and was slotted into the 2nd group away mix of 3rd and 4ths , it was a 43 miler, 6 laps + 1 mile, first time I'd been on the circuit - quite undulating but no long climbs.
Cold but dry with a strong wind, our group started off in pursuit of the first group at a pretty rapid pace - was for me anyway Crying or Very sad - I lasted all of a lap and a half before being unceremoniously kicked out the back door, just couldn't hang in , was finding it hard to get any shelter from the front 5 or 6 guys who were working the pace.
Was passed about 1.5 laps later by the group Paul was in being driven hard by Carlos Riise, Paul as usual looked comfortable - tried haning with them but lasted about 3 miles. The last group - Elites and 1st Cats passed a short while later, hung on the back of them for a couple of miles before the legs finally chucked it.
Passed a couple of guys who had dropped out of the first group, it was them and the 6 or so who dropped out of the race that prevented me from getting the wooden spoon Very Happy
Thought my trianing had been going OK over the winter too Crying or Very sad

Ah well, roll on the 25th , another APR on same circuit - will try and last two laps Very Happy

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