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 Post subject: Open Road Racing
PostPosted: Fri Mar 28, 2008 4:40 pm 
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Commuter PostPosted: 25 Mar 2007 07:34 am Post subject: Jack Murray Junior Trophy

The above was my first RR of the season and it all went t*ts up.

Over the past few weeks I'd prepped the road bike, new tyres , re cabled it, new bar tape , new set of calipers, the kinda things you do when your itching to get out on it Very Happy
I'd been meaning to road test it just to make sure everything was working OK, never really got round to it so a quick ride 50 yards up the road before I bunged it in the car on Sat morning convinced me everything was working just fine.

The race started with 65 riders jockying for position going through the neutralised zone, not sure why folks do this unless they are going off the front from the drop of the flag, anyway, my gears were jumping all over the place really bad and the race hadn't even started, a quick footer with the downtube adjuster soon sorted them out though.
The flag dropped and we were off, it was 10.5 laps of a circuit of about 5 miles. ERC and Pedal Power had a good turnout and seemed to be responsible for the breaks that went off the front, these only lasted half a lap or so before being pulled back. On lap two something fell from my bike and bounced up the road, wasn't sure what it was until I used my front brakes and then realised it was one of my front brake pads and holder - I knew I should have checked the bike over Embarassed So that was me about 40 miles to go with no front brakes, I took up a position at the back of the pack to avaoid any issues, this was fine other than getting slung out at every rise and corner when the yo-yo effect happens. All was fine until lap 5 when I punctured - got a quick chage from the SC support car - thanks - but just couldn't get back on to the pack , the headwind sections killed me , so it was 25 miles on my Jack Jones to the end of the race other than picking off riders who had been shelled out, it was a good workout but not sure whether I manged to dip under the hour for my 25TT effort Razz
What made things even worse was that on replacing my punctured tube when I got home I realised it was caused by a badly fitted tube having been nipped by the wheel rim edge. Embarassed
So one mechanical and one puncture and oot o' the race caused by sloppy attention to detail, lesson learned.

The race was won by a lone rider going off the front in the last lap and taking it by about a minute, the bunch sprinted for the placings.
It was a very well organised race - thanks Dunfermline CC - but I'd like to have seen a cirrcuit with either longer or steeper climbs to break the pack up a bit more.
Roll on the next one ...........

Commuter Posted: 31 Mar 2007 06:51 pm Post subject: Moscow Apr

Did the Loudon RC APR today, glad to report that the bike performed without any mishaps Very Happy Unlike last week - see previous post .

I thought I was going down for a kicking - same as I got last year - but when I arrived ( later than I had intended ) I found that the race was fully subscribed and that I couldn't enter , I was hoping just to enter on the day , luckily there were two non shows so I got in at the last minute.

There were 5 groups , I was slotted into the 4th group off with around 15 or so others that I didn't know, 5th and last group had Carlos , J Cusick etc so I expected we'd be caught around lap 4.

Our group were being driven by around 6 of the 15 in the group, but we just couldn't get a through and off organised with tthe whole bunch.
We caught the other groups around lap 4 and then it was a bit crazy as this meant about 50 riders together on the Moscow circuit, a bit tight for my liking , I ended up grass tracking up the edge of the road and almost into the ditch at one point after getting shunted, I thought I was a gonner Shocked

The final lap strung the field out for the last few miles but with the finish being largely downhill with a following wind this meant 40+mph sprinting for the line. I was about 4th with 200 to go as I had a good leadout train Very Happy but slipped to 7th after getting caught in the sprint.

The fast group never caught us , but on reflection I think there were only 6 - 10 in their goup and into the wind etc they were always going to find it hard to catch us over 40 miles. I recorded 24.2mph average , a good pace for the race.
Was another good workout !

Next outing is next Sat at Girvan for the 3rd / 4ths cat race .

How about some other Velo jerseys coming out to play ??

Commuter Posted: 07 Apr 2007 04:51 pm Post subject: Ian Robertson Tribute RR

Did this race at Girvan today. A 40 miler, 4 laps of a lumpy circuit with a long climb .
The race was fully subscribed on the day with 67 starters , must be the sunny weather bringing folk oot to play, there were only 52 on the start sheet that I got.
The climb on the first lap blew the field apart, it really was a lung burster, it just seems to go on and on. This is where any decisive breaks are made and was where the group of 10 went off the front last year so I made sure I was up there in tha action when we got to the climb, stayed with the leaders until the top of the climb but I just couldn't hang on to them after the top, I was pretty goosed. This meant a group of around 7 or 8 got away.

The chasers - me included - numbered about 12 - 15 but much like last week we just couldn't get a good through and off going, there were only 6 or so guys willing to take a pull on the front, much to the annoyance of one or two who were trying to encourage full particicpation with shouts of " come on ya lazy bast**ds take a turn " !!
I think it was about lap 3 that 4 of us got away and got a good workout going, all working well together, we were never going to catch the 7 guys up the road but what it meant was that we were all working and staying away from the chasers. One rider dropped off, not sure if it was a mechanical or what but that left the 3 of us. We continued to work well together until the final 200 yards where it turned into the sprint. I just managed to nick over the line to take the win from our threesome and eight overall.

All in all a good workout but that hill is a beast

Commuter Posted: 22 Apr 2007 04:38 pm Post subject: VC Astar Anderside Road Race

Rode the above today in dreich windy conditions. It was a 55 miler with an uphill finish on Eaglesham moor.
There was a full field of 82 entries but I think only 75 riders, some peeps stayed in their beds when they saw the conditions, I certailnly wasn't looking fwd to it Sad
The weather actually stayed OK, no rain, just wind and misty cloud.

It was 3 laps of a circuit taking in part of the old A77 with a lumpy B type road making up half of the lap, a good circuit with not many cars.

The first lap saw a few breaks going off the front but each time getting pulled back, I was quite glad of this as my legs were not really up for trying to get into a break and working, I just felt kinda tired , maybe the 10 at Eggy Park yesterday took some of the zipp out of the legs. Anyway, I had decided that I was content to sit in the bunch and conserve my energy which is what I did for the duration of the race.

Lap two and the pack split, a break of 4 got away and I think some of the field dropped off the back. The final lap saw the pace pick up and with 7 or so miles to go some breaks went off the front with some blocking / slowing tactics being used by teammates of those up the road.
As we turned onto the final 2 miles or so to the finish on the moor road it got quick, all I could do was hang in and hope that I was going to be there at the uphill sprint, all bar two of the final lap breaks were pulled back as we neared the finish. This meant the break of 4 and a break of 2 were up the road. I manged to hang in as we neared the flags and nick 7th overall for my troubles.

I recorded an average just short of 24mph, so twas a good workout

Commuter Posted: 06 May 2007 05:29 am Post subject: Dundee Stages

Went through to Dundee for the above event, comprising of a 1.5 mile hill climb prologue , a 50 mile stage Sat and same on Sun.

It was fully subscribed with 85 riders and about half a dozen non shows.

The hill climb was torture , now I remember why I didn't do any of the club ones last year !! I finished middle of the field, 29 secs down on the winner Ian Simm of The Kooriers who posted a superb 4:14 - 5 secs quicker than the winning time last year. As I type this I've still got the hill climbers' wheeze .

The afternoon stage was predominantly flat, no hills , just rolling B roads.
A break went away and stayed 20 secs or so up the road for most of he stage but was pulled back on the last lap. As we neared the finish the speed picked up as did the slope of the road. It is quite a good finish as the last mile or so is a good tester for the legs. I was well prepared for the surge to the finish and thought I'd got to be just where I wanted but with about 400 to go the legs just wouldn't turn the pedals any harder and I went backwards like backward thing to finish middle of the bunch 3 secs down on the winner , John Kermode of Dundee Thistle. A great win by John in what was a pretty strong field.

After the second stage I am lying in 40th or thereaboouts and have decided not to make the trip up to Dundee today for the stage this morning, my chest is gubbed , my legs don't want to play, my son is doing his first Largs fun run this morning, I've got the grass to cut, the dinner to make, the Moto GP is on the telly and it's pissing and blowing a gale . I've got other excuses but I can't remember them at the moment

Posted: 10 Jun 2007 12:22 am Post subject: Johnstone Wheelers APR

Messers Henning & Raeside were at the APR today, no officai results yet that I can find. Think Kenny got a 5th or 6th ?

Theres a slideshow at my website....
http://www.imacimages.co.uk/cart/photoc ... splash=yes


1. Bazza McGurk (M2) 2.22.43
2. Chris Smart (26) 2.23.29
3. Barry Crumlish (23) st
4. Ciaran Dougherty 24) st
5. Kenny Raeside (47) 2.23.40
6. Paul McDonald (41) st
7. Donald Scally (M2) st
8. Brian Loye(M2) st
9. Jamie McQueen (17) st
10. Billy McMillan(55+) st
11. Tom Worthington (41) st
12. Mark Richards(36) st
13. Blue top - red helmet st
14. Tosh Scott (E) st
15. J Melville (?) st
16. Chris Thompson (39) st
17. Alan Thompson (26) st
18. Euan Popestar (27) st
19. Andrew Rowatt (37) st
20. Drew Clark (3Cool st
21. Kevin Muir (3Cool st
22. John Gemmel (50) st
23. Mark Whitehead (32) st

Posted: 09 Jul 2007 03:57 pm Post subject: Madderty Tour

Well done to Kenny Raeside, placing 2nd in his latest foray in RR....ableit he got beaten by a 16 year old Very Happy only kidding mate.

A write up here:
http://www.braveheartcyclingfund.com/ch ... IC_ID=2884

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