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 Post subject: Open TT
PostPosted: Fri Mar 28, 2008 4:39 pm 
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Commuter Posted: 21 Apr 2007 04:08 pm Post subject: AYR ROADS CC / HARRY FAIRBAIRN 10TT SATURDAY 21ST APRIL

Rode this 10 today, was windy to the turn with a tail wind going home. Used the Mavic Cosmics instead of the usual disc and 4 spoke, will be interesting to see how I go in comparison to others when using the disc and Hed deep front .

Who knows, there could be a disc and deep front or a pair of cosmics for sale Question

Result from today's event on a windy ayrshire morning.. thanks to riders and all the helpers..

Time Keeper. Blair Wyllie; Commissaire Andy Gorrie; Organiser Andy McKinlay
no name club cat time
1 graeme obree fullarton wheelers v 20.22
2 david gibson gs modena v 21.14
3 arthur doyle ivy cc s 21.40
4 jim cusick glasgow couriers v 21.57
5 james hall sandy wallace cycles s 22.02
6 gordon graham fullarton whs v 22.04
7 ian humfries deeside thistle v 22.07
8 steve blom glasgow couriers s 22.10
9 mark ratter lomond roads cc s 22.20
10 rg mclean angus bike chain v 22.30
11 andy torrance gs modena v 22.35
12 alasdair cook dumfries cc j 22.48
13 kenny raeside inverclyde velo v 22.53
14 john sturgeon classic walls rt v 23.01
15 gordon **** lomond roads cc v 23.07
16 david jardine velo sport jersey s 23.22
17 steve beech sandy wallace cycles v 23.26
18 peter collins drummond datasafe s 23.28
19 ian condie dunfermline cc v 23.40
20 kenny armstrong ayr roads cc / harry fairbairn s 23.44
21 chris johnson ayr roads cc / harry fairbairn s 23.51
22 hyland hamilton fullarton whs s 24.12
23 alan holmes glasgow couriers v 24.16
24 craig mcgowan law wheelers s 24.27
25 brian nicol fullarton wheelers v 24.33
26 stephen hoey ivy cc v 24.34
27 alan brown edge rt / dooleys v 24.37
28 john walker lomond roads cc s 24.45
29 neil mcfarlane falkirk bc v 25.17
30 kieran mcluskey east kilbride rc j 25.30
31 vic possee ayr roads cc / harry fairbairn v 25.33
32 matthew wallace dumfries cc s 25.41
33 errol bennie glasgow whs v 25.45
34 sharon doyle ivy cc l 25.59
35 robert cooper law wheelers v 26.01
36 andy brady fullarton wheelers v 26.36
37 val martin ayr roads cc / harry fairbairn lv 26.45
38 graeme jardine unattached s 27.00
39 john gemmell ayr roads cc / harry fairbairn v 27.22
40 jenni nicholson deeside thistle lv 27.31
41 john mason ayr roads cc / harry fairbairn v 27.48
42 isobel fletcher glasgow whs lv 27.57
43 robbie robertson glasgow road club v 28.15
44 emma mackie ayr roads cc / harry fairbairn l 29.10
45 scott mcintosh glasgow road club s 29.38
46 daniel mcshane onagh wheelers s dnf
47 billy mcfarlane edge rt / dooleys v dnf
48 steve mcready dumfries cc v dnf
49 jamie keenan ayr roads cc / harry fairbairn v dns
50 ian duguid bicycleworks rt s dns

Posted: 25 Apr 2007 10:51 pm Post subject: Glasgow Roads 10 Eglinton 25 April

Was down at the 10 tonight for a few pics and play about with a new lens , don't know all the times but G.Obree did a 19.40 and J.McIntyre did a 20.14, it was actually quite a windy night out there.
...looking good on that new machine Kenny!!


Courtesy of Steve Flindall...

V40 35 Graeme Obree Fullarton Wheelers 19.40
S 40 Jason MacKintyre Edge / Dooleys 20.14
S 26 Arthur Doyle Ivy 20.55
S 24 Gary Robson Edge / Dooleys 21.03
V40 20 Gordon Graham Fullarton Wheelers 21.27
S 15 Mark Ratter LRCC 21.40
S 10 Billy McFarlane Edge / Dooleys 21.46
V40 18 Gordon D1ck LRCC 21.53
S 30 Sean Gray Edge / Dooleys 21.56
V40 37 Kenny Raeside Inverclyde Velo 22.09
V40 19 Alan Robertson Couriers 22.15
S 5 John Walker LRCC 22.47
S 22 Richard MacPherson Glasgow United 23.06
V50 23 Jamie Keenan Ayr Roads 23.06
S 38 David Wards Fullarton Wheelers 23.30
V40 17 Andy McKinlay Ayr Roads 23.35
V50 28 Stevie Flindall Fullarton Wheelers 23.39
V40 7 Bill Aiton Glasgow Wheelers 23.53
V40 32 Stephen Hoey Ivy CC 23.53
L/S 16 Vicky Begg Johnstone Wheelers 24.35
V50 21 Alec Kitson West Highland Wheelers 25.08
36 James Byrne LRCC 26.18
V40 6 Kevin Thornhill Fullarton Wheelers 26.42
L/V 4 Isobel Fletcher Glasgow Wheelers 26.47
V60 33 Bob Taylor Glasgow Wheelers DNF
V60 1 R Robertson GRC DNS
V80 3 Willie Cuthbert Inverclyde Velo DNS
8 Kenny Laing DNS
S 13 Alan MCCafferty Nevis Cycles DNS
V50 14 Errol Bennie Glasgow Wheelers DNS
S 27 Jamie Drever Glasgow Wheelers DNS

Posted: 28 May 2007 04:52 pm Post subject: Scottish 10 TT Champs

Hi, images online for browsing....

http://www.imacimages.co.uk/cart/photoc ... tegory=173

Full Results (Courtesy Glasgow Couriers)
Y120 Jason McIntyre The Edge RT/Dooleys Cycles MS 10.40 19.56 1st 1st Mens Team
Y103 Evan Oliphant DFL/Cycling News MS 10.13 21.25 2nd 2nd Male
Y117 Mark Atkinson Sandy Wallace Cycles MS 10.34 21.31 3rd 3rd Male
Y115 Arthur Doyle Glasgow Ivy MS 10.30 21.33 4th 4th Male
Y105 Gary Robson The Edge RT/Dooleys Cycles MS 10.15 21.34 5th 5th Mens Team
Y110 Alistair Robinson Keswick Bikes MS 10.20 21.44 6th 6th Male
Y118 Carlos Riise Shetland Wheelers MV 10.36 21.53 7th 1st Vet
Y119 Jim Cusick Glasgow Couriers/Bennett Dev MV 10.38 22.00 8th 2nd Vet
Y102 Peter Ettles Forres Cycling Club MV 10.12 22.04 9th 3rd Vet
Y34 David McGaw O.U.C.C. MS 9.04 22.05 10th
Y108 Jonathan Copp Deeside Thistle MS 10.18 22.12 11th
Y112 Barry McGurk Glasgow Couriers/Bennett Dev MS 10.24 22.14 12th
Y106 Stephen Blom Glasgow Couriers/Bennett Dev MS 10.16 22.15 13th
Y114 Joe Wilson Sandy Wallace Cycles MS 10.28 22.25 14th
Y113 Gary McFarlane Johnstone Wheelers MS 10.26 22.27 15th
Y98 Alan Dow Sandy Wallace Cycles MS 10.08 22.36 16th
Y93 James Hall Sandy Wallace Cycles MS 10.03 22.38 17th
Y70 Paul Black Edinburgh RC MS 9.40 22.41 18th
Y84 Donald Scally Glasgow Couriers/Bennett Dev MS 9.54 22.42 19th
Y86 Vince MacLennan Clach CC MS 9.56 22.43 20th
Y109 David Gibson GS Modena MV 10.19 22.45 21st
Y91 David Black Sandy Wallace Cycles MS 10.01 22.52 22nd
Y63 Calum Ritchie Musselburgh RCC MV 9.33 22.53 23rd
W6 Tom Dempster The Edge RT/Dooleys Cycles Junior 8.06 22.54 24th 1st Junior Team
Y83 Ian Humphreys Deeside Thistle MV 9.53 22.55 25th
Y111 John Stollery Paramount Crt MS 10.22 22.56 26th
Y94 Mark Ratter LRCC MS 10.04 22.58 27th
Y81 Kenny Raeside Inverclyde Velo MV 9.51 23.02 28th
Y99 Billy McFarlane The Edge RT/Dooleys Cycles MV 10.09 23.14 29th
Y101 Norman Skene Granite City Racing Team MV 10.11 23.15 30th
Y97 Iain Duguid Bicycleworks.com MS 10.07 23.18 31st
Y61 Andrew Grant Shetland Wheelers MS 9.31 23.19 32nd
Y116 Sean Gray The Edge RT/Dooleys Cycles MS 10.32 23.20 33rd
Y82 Brian Loye Fullarton Wheelers MS 9.52 23.25 34th
Y73 Alastair Taylor Musselburgh RCC MV 9.43 23.26 35th
Y66 R McLean Angus Bike Chain MV 9.36 23.29 36th
Y44 Kenny Philput ElginCC MV 9.14 23.38 37th
Y87 Stuart Reid Glasgow Couriers/Bennett Dev MS 9.57 23.41 38th
Y55 Derek Timmins Musselburgh RCC MS 9.25 23.43 39th
Y69 Steve Beech Sandy Wallace Cycles MV 9.39 23.46 40th
Y80 Sean Monaghan Deeside Thistle MS 9.50 23.48 41st
Y29 Jonathan Ferry Bicycleworks.com MS 8.59 23.49 42nd
Y48 John McDowall Edinburgh RC MS 9.18 23.50 43rd
Y64 David Caesar Bicycleworks.com MV 9.34 23.51 44th
W4 Jeremy Baldwin Ythan CC Junior 8.04 23.51 45th 2nd Junior
Y57 Drew Sharkey Bicycleworks.com MS 9.27 23.52 46th
Y58 Andrew Fish Pedal Power Racing Team MS 9.28 23.58 47th
Y75 Derek Robinson Inverclyde Velo MV 9.45 23.59 48th
Y49 Ian Anderson Dundee Wheelers MV 9.19 24.01 49th
Y89 Dave Millar Glasgow Couriers/Bennett Dev MV 9.59 24.01 50th
Y90 Neil Milton Auchencrow Thistle MV 10.00 24.02 51st
Y77 Gavin Shirley West Highlander Wheelers MS 9.47 24.06 52nd
Y27 James Daly Johnstone Wheelers MV 8.57 24.15 53rd
Y92 Kevin Lackie Forres Cycling Club MV 10.02 24.16 54th
Y24 Olivier Del Corto Edinburgh RC MS 8.54 24.21 55th
Y107 Kenny Kentley Velo Ecosse MV 10.17 24.22 56th
Y62 Alan McCaffrey Nevis Cycles MS 9.32 24.24 57th
W7 Alisdair Cook Dumfries CC Junior 8.07 24.25 58th 3rd Junior
Y85 John Walker Lomond Roads MS 9.55 24.25 59th
Y46 John McKie Ayr Road CC MV 9.16 24.26 60th
Y67 John Sturgeon Classic Walls MV 9.37 24.30 61st
W25 Pippa Hanley Edinburgh RC LS 8.25 24.31 62nd 1st Lady L Team
Y74 John McCamley Glasgow Wheelers MS 9.44 24.33 63rd
Y96 Ian Manson Johnstone Wheelers MV 10.06 24.35 64th
Y35 David Milne Deeside Thistle MV 9.05 24.36 65th
Y32 Kevan Sturgeon ElginCC MV 9.02 24.37 66th
Y95 Peter Collins Drummond-Datasafe MS 10.05 24.40 67th
Y21 Barry Duncan Edinburgh RC MV 8.51 24.43 68th
Y40 Derek Stewart Deeside Thistle MV 9.10 24.44 69th
Y72 Mark Higgins Granite City Racing Team MV 9.42 24.44 70th
Y53 David Pritchard Kelso Wheelers MV 9.23 24.47 71st
Y76 Douglas Nicholson Inverclyde Velo MV 9.46 24.48 72nd
Y38 Duncan Ball Musselburgh RCC MV 9.08 24.49 73rd
Y31 Christopher Johnson Ayr Road CC MS 9.01 24.54 74th
Y60 Kevin Tait Edinburgh RC MV 9.30 24.54 75th
Y19 Andrew Underwood Glasgow Wheelers MS 8.49 25.03 76th
Y37 Neil Muir Edinburgh RC MV 9.07 25.04 77th
Y5 David Wards Fullarton Wheelers MS 8.35 25.06 78th
Y33 John Anderson Shetland Wheelers MS 9.03 25.09 79th
Y47 Andrew Nicell Velo Ecosse MS 9.17 25.15 80th
Y16 Hamish Aitchison Forres Cycling Club MV 8.46 25.16 81st
Y56 Steve Flindall Fullarton Wheelers MV 9.26 25.18 82nd
Y43 Alan Solway Kennoway Road Club MV 9.13 25.19 83rd
Y68 Sandy Wallace Sandy Wallace Cycles MV 9.38 25.25 84th
W18 Christine McLean Shetland Wheelers LV 8.18 25.27 85th 2nd Lady
W3 Steven Quinn Drummond-Datasafe Junior 8.03 25.31 86th
Y59 Bill Aiton Glasgow Wheelers MV 9.29 25.32 87th
Y79 Bob Taylor Glasgow Wheelers MV 9.49 25.34 88th
W2 David Gunn Forres Cycling Club Youth 8.02 25.38 89th 1st Youth
Y28 Jon Gillies Law Wheelers CC MV 8.58 25.40 90th
Y36 Neil Laing Edinburgh RC MS 9.06 25.52 91st
Y15 John Watters Unattached MV 8.45 25.55 92nd
Y2 John Shirley West Highlander Wheelers MV 8.32 26.03 93rd
Y42 Graham Jones Edinburgh RC MV 9.12 26.08 94th
Y18 Iain McLeod Denny Road Club MV 8.48 26.10 95th
Y41 Stefan Czemerys Dunfermline CC MV 9.11 26.16 96th
Y23 Mark Symington Glasgow Wheelers MS 8.53 26.16 97th
Y17 Ross Clark DTCC MS 8.47 26.20 98th
Y45 Jason Wilding East Kilbride Road Club MS 9.15 26.36 99th
W19 Victoria Hunter Perth United CC LV 8.19 26.38 100th 3rd Lady
W17 Sharon Doyle Glasgow Ivy LS 8.17 26.44 101st
Y26 Jamie Byrne Lomond Roads MS 8.56 26.50 102nd
Y12 Peter Clark DTCC MV 8.42 26.54 103rd
W21 Jenny Wright Edinburgh RC LS 8.21 27.09 104th L Team
Y20 Freddie Toms ElginCC MV 8.50 27.18 105th
W23 Vicky Begg Johnstone Wheelers LS 8.23 27.37 106th
Y1 Don Bennett Glasgow Couriers/Bennett Dev MV 8.31 27.53 107th
W22 Lisa Rodgers Northern CC Belfast LS 8.22 28.08 108th
Y14 Scott McIntosh Glasgow Road Club MS 8.44 28.15 109th
W20 Jane Stevenson Edinburgh RC LS 8.20 28.17 110th
W01 Lindsay Shuttleworth Central Wheelers Youth 8.01 28.26 111th
Y10 David Turner St Christophers MV 8.40 28.31 112th
W16 Jenni Nicholson Deeside Thistle LV 8.16 28.34 113th 1st LV
Y11 Thomas Cummings Kirkcaldy& District CC MV 8.41 28.40 114th
Y8 Graeme Shields Glasgow Wheelers MS 8.38 28.41 115th
W14 Jennifer Lang Edinburgh RC LV 8.14 29.16 116th 2nd LV
W12 Victoria Ware Border City Wheelers LS 8.12 29.54 117th
W15 Isobel Fletcher Glasgow Wheelers LV 8.15 30.11 118th 3rd LV
W10 Mary Wark Fullarton Wheelers LV 8.10 31.12 119th
Y39 Alex Hay Glasgow Couriers/Bennett Dev MV 9.09 31.26 120th
Y7 Andrew Wilson St Christophers MV 8.37 31.37 121st
Y6 Robert Robertson Glasgow Road Club MV 8.36 32.06 122nd
W13 Fiona Walker Sandy Wallace Cycles LS 8.13 32.24 123rd
W11 Ann Ettles Forres Cycling Club LV 8.11 36.25 124th
Y3 Shairaz Afzal Unattached MS 8.33 DNF
Y50 Jamie Keenan Ayr Road CC MV 9.20 DNF
Y54 Owen Jeffries Velo Ecosse MS 9.24 DNF
Y71 Tom Gordon Glasgow Road Club MV 9.41 DNF
Y78 Edd Shackley Glasgow Ivy MV 9.48 DNF
Y104 Ian Black Sandy Wallace Cycles MV 10.14 DNF
W5 Aidan McIlory Auchencrow Thistle Junior 8.05 DNS
W27 Jessica Wilson-Young Edinburgh RC LS 8.27 DNS
W8 Peter Ettles Pedal Power Racing Team Junior 8.08 DNS
Y22 George Adam Unattached MV 8.52 DNS
Y4 Colin Hunter Glenmarnock Wheelers MS 8.34 DNS
Y9 Rob Amstrong Deeside Thistle MV 8.39 DNS
Y13 Garry Quinn Drummond-Datasafe MV 8.43 DNS
Y25 Duncan Warwick Deeside Thistle MV 8.55 DNS
Y30 Neil McFarlane Falkirk BC MV 9.00 DNS
Y51 Eric Easson Glasgow Wheelers MV 9.21 DNS
Y52 Andy McKinlay Ayr Road CC MV 9.22 DNS
Y65 Hyland Hamilton Fullarton Wheelers MS 9.35 DNS
Y88 Alan Holmes Glasgow Couriers/Bennett Dev MS 9.58 DNS
Y100 Alan Robertson Glasgow Couriers/Bennett Dev MV 10.10 DNS

Posted: 09 Jun 2007 09:30 pm Post subject: Willie Rafferty Memorial 10

Results from wednesday night on Newton Mearns course.

1. Jim Cuisack Glasgow Couriers V 22.05
2. Sean Gray Edge RT S 22.44
3. Davie Millar Glasgow Couriers V 23.34
4. Eddie Shackley Ivy CC S 23.52
5. Richard MacPherson Glasgow RC S 23.57
6. Alan Mooney Finsbury Park CC S 23.59
7. Steve Beech Sandy Wallace Cycles V 24.06
8. John Mc Grory Glasgow United S 24.07
9. Dave Murphy Nightingale CC V 24.31
10. John McCamley Glasgow Wheelers S 24.32
11. Bob Taylor Glasgow Wheelers V 24.35
12. Scott Newman Inverclyde Velo S 24.36
13. Mark Symington Glasgow Wheelers S 24.44
14. Andrew Underwood Glasgow Wheelers S 24.45
15. Al Joy Glasgow United V 24.46
16. Chas. Adams Glenmarnock Wheelers V 24.53
17. Alan Quinn Glasgow United S 25.07
18. Steve Flindall Fullarton Wheelers V 25.15
19. Keith Jones St. Cristophers CC V 25.33
20. Vicky Begg Johnstone Wheelers L 25.59
21. Bob Hayley Law Wheelers V 26.32
22. Willie McCluskie Ivy CC V 26.33
23. Kerry Lang Johnstone Wheelers L 26.40
24. John Walters Unattached V 27.12
25. Graeme Shields Glasgow Wheelers V 27.19
26. Scott Macintosh Glasgow RC S 28.06
27. Andy Wilson St. Christophers CC V 28.54
28. Isobel Fletcher Glasgow Wheelers LV 29.01
29. James Kennah Law Wheelers V 29.30
30. Robert Robertson Glasgow RC V 29.59
31 Eric Cruikshank Glasgow Wheelers V 32.20

PrivateTT Alan Robertson Glasgow Couriers V 23.19

Posted: 10 Jun 2007 08:40 pm Post subject: Cumbrae TT

Galleries here:
http://www.imacimages.co.uk/cart/photoc ... splash=yes


Kendal 10 TT

Great ride by John at the weekend, new 10 PB with a staggering 20:50.

The race was at a course close to Kendal, it is known as the Levens course, L1015.

Well worth a visit if you are on good form and you are looking to beat your pb as it is a fast course. It takes about 3 hours to get there if you leave at a reasonable time in the morning and the races don't usually kick off until 2pm which gives anyone travelling down on the day, plenty of time.

It is a 5.2 mile outward leg and 4.8 mile return leg, I have raced it on each of the past two Saturdays and recorded a 22.15 (came 52nd) and 20.50 (came 17th). The wind plays a big part on the wourse, both times I rode it, it was a westerly wind which means you have a headwind for the 5.2 mile part of it although this can be offset by the first half mile as it is all downhill.

Looking at the forecast for this Saturday, it is a slight easterly wind which I would think would be absolutely perfect for that course and I believe it is also the day that Jason MacIntyre is going to attempt a course/British record, good luck Jason.

Cheers John

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